The Art of Brass Models

This is a new page on my website and it will be dedicated to highlighting the fine art of brass models. High quality brass model trains are truly an art form and should be appreciated on that basis in addition to being miniature repositories of important historical research that stimulate fond memories for many of us. From the outset, Kohs & Company has worked to provide our builders with a platform to exhibit their skills at the highest level possible and throughout the construction pages on this website the work of these skilled 'artists' has been highlighted in photographs and descriptive words.

In the same way that fine art is presented and traded, I have worked to present our models in a manner that highlights their unique qualities. Likewise, I have tried to treat our clients with the respect that they deserve while offering strict adherence to quality standards, limited production quantities and by providing pricing integrity, much the same way in which fine art is represented and sold. The cumulative result of this effort has been to protect and enhance the investment of each of our clients leading to a substantial appreciation in value for well preserved examples of our models across the production spectrum.

My intention for the future is to promote Kohs & Company models more prominently as fine art as I did in the holiday issue of Art & Antiques magazine. In addition, I look forward to being able to present information here about brass models of all types being recognized as fine art. In that spirit, I have begun the development of a special limited series of models that will represent the finest work possible in multiple scales other than O scale. I have always pushed our team of artisans to produce the finest O scale models possible and now in addition, we will work to bring that same level of effort to special projects in Gauge-One, On3 and HO. The first project being evaluated for development are the following:

Union Pacific 'Late' Challenger in Gauge-One

D&RGW K-36 in On3

Union Pacific 'Late' Challenger in HO

The intention is to offer state-of-the-art features, detail and operating characteristics typically never seen in these scales along with special finishes and accompanying displays. The above listing will become active links in the near future providing a more detailed explanation of my expectations for what can be accomplished in each scale.

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