FAM Passenger Car Reference

I have had numerous requests for information pertaining to the O scale passenger cars produced by Fine Art Models and sold by Lionel as well as those sold under the Fine Art Models name. These models remain as the finest passenger cars ever offered in O scale, but it seems that many do not know the facts behind their production. I provide the following information to help those interested in these cars to understand exactly what was produced and to lay the ground work for considering the requests that I have received to complete the work that was started by Fine Art Models.

The first O scale passenger cars produced by Fine Art Models were for Lionel, there were twenty-six different cars of the New York Central '20th Century Limited' produced. There was also a plan to build a series of Pennsylvania Railroad 'Broadway Limited' cars for Lionel, but those plans were canceled before the cars were built. The following is a link to download a 'PDF' version of the original Lionel brochure:

Lionel Passenger Car Brochure (PDF, 1.6M)

Following the production for Lionel, Fine Art Models produced a new series of '20th Century Limited' cars and the 'Broadway Limited' cars that had been planned for Lionel. While there were fewer versions produced of the '20th Century Limited' under the Fine Art Models label, the series was completed with improvements over the original cars produced for Lionel. The 'Broadway Limited' cars were produced at the same time, but there were differences in the consists due to the PRR utilizing heavy-weight style head-end cars instead of the new light weight style cars used for the '20th Century Limited'. Unfortunately, the heavy-weight head-end cars were never produced. In addition, two of the cars produced for the PRR 'Broadway Limited' train set were done incorrectly by the builder, the two cars were the observation car and the mid-train lounge. The following is a link to download a 'PDF' version of the original Fine Art Models brochure for their O scale passenger cars:

Fine Art Models Passenger Car Brochure (PDF, 2.4M)

The requests received have been for the heavy-weight baggage and diner cars and also for correct versions of the observation and mid-train lounge cars, all for the 'Broadway Limited' car set. The question remains exactly what level of support there is for such projects and for the possibility of expanding the production to include additional car versions, such as the light-weight style diner cars. If these cars are of interest to you, be sure to let me know as that will certainly impact the potential of moving forward with these projects.