New York Central 'late' J3a Project Service Log

Please keep in mind when evaluating any of our models that there is a delicate balance required between operational considerations and absolute scale fidelity to the prototype, since very few models have pushed to that limit, the book on the subject is largely unwritten.

If you have additional information to offer or would like additional information regarding a particular situation reported, feel free to get in touch using our contact information.

Reported Situations as of 4/2/2001

Situation Status

It has been brought to our attention that on some of the 'Late' variation models the side rods were assembled backwards.  Initially those that experienced the problem thought that the incorrect tapered rear side rods had been modeled on this version when it fact it was an assembly issue.  The de-streamlined models with roller-bearing rods are not affected
On any affected model the front and rear side rods need to be swapped side for side with no modification required.  Further guidance will be offered to anyone with this problem if they will simply contact us directly.
Headlight bulb failed shortly after delivery to customer Bulb will be replaced during an upcoming show
Steam pipe solder joint broke loose in shipping Pipe re-soldered at customer's convenience
Pilot truck came loose in shipping Owner not able to reattach using 'E' clip, model returned for repair.
Draw bar pin on tender came unsoldered Tender returned for repair