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3/18/19 - One of the most frequently asked general information questions I hear is where can I get a high quality DC power supply to run my models, who makes a good one? Unfortunately that is an extremely difficult question these days, but I can offer followers of this site a rare opportunity. I was just informed that Dallee Electronics has in inventory several nearly new 'Engineers', the unit type that I have recommended for years before their production was discontinued. To locate one these days usually requires repeated ebay and other selling site searches. To learn more details including pricing, contact Dallas Gutacker at Dallee Electronics, (717) 661-7041 or Act fast, they won't be available for long!!

3/12/19 - The O Scale March Meet in Chicago is just a few days away, this weekend, and from the people that I have been speaking with the turn out should be excellent. I wanted to run down for those planning to attend what to expect from Kohs & Company at the show. I am anticipating the arrival of our Big Boy production sample for display at the show. There is new information regarding our PFE reefer project as well as our 50-ton AAR flat car project. We'll be doing a model give away similar to what was done at the O Scale Nationals in Maryland, just stop by our tables and sign up for the drawing to be held at the end of the show, three models to be given away valued at approximately $3,000.

Finally, in the evening on Saturday, I will again host a gathering in my Westin Hotel suite where we can get together on an informal basis to discuss my current and future projects in detail. The path forward for my projects will be very interesting and it is shaping up to provide the best models ever done. Snacks and refreshments will be provided, including an assortment of Bourbon to be tasted, 'tested' and compared if you are so inclined! I am suggesting that the gathering take place after the dinner hour so no one has to rush through dinner or layout tours, perhaps around 9:00PM until whatever hour the conversation runs to. If this is of interest to you, see me at the show and I will provide the details such as suite number and the exact timing.

I look forward to a great show and seeing old friends and large numbers!! Safe travels to all.

3/3/19 - I have received a number of comments from website visitors generated by my comments posted on 1/16/19 and 1/19/19, seems that I struck a nerve with people that have had bad experiences buying Online with certain resellers. I use the latest situation that I am aware of as another example. A Kohs & Company Y6a offered on ebay as a 'New Model Never Run' which sold at an unusually low price. As it turned out the model was delivered with damage and missing parts, supposedly as it was 'delivered to him new by me'. I would suggest to anyone buying on ebay or anywhere else that you verify with me if the seller of an item is the original owner or just another 'flipper' misrepresenting the item for sale. When you're shopping for bargains based on price, you'll often get exactly what the price reflects. If you are someone looking for quality Kohs & Company models for sale, I can certainly provide references for sellers that are doing a really good job of preserving the legacy models that I have produced that are for sale in the secondary marketplace. Buyers should take note of the seller's ID on ebay and avoid them in the future when questionable sales have been noted.

In the near future as time allows, I'll be posting some guidelines for individuals interested in reseller their Kohs & Company models. It's important to understand what affects the value and also what truly represents an 'as new' model so there are no misunderstandings between buyers and sellers.

1/23/19 - With the O Scale March Meet in Chicago rapidly approaching, I'm making plans to hopefully make attendance a slightly more enjoyable experience. The Hill family always does a fantastic job of organizing and managing the show and they deserve a great deal of credit. In support of their efforts, I am planning another model give-away like I did at the O Scale Nationals this past summer in Maryland. The details of the give-away and entry slips will be available at my tables located in the usual location in the far back left corner of the main hall. Attendance will be the only requirement for participation.

Again I will be planning an after hours hospitality suite session to be held up stairs in the hotel. Due to facility/room size attendance will be limited to invited guests, primarily our customers. There will be a lot to discuss with news regarding our Big Boy, future locomotive projects, the PFE reefers, 50-ton AAR flat cars and more. I will hopefully be providing a special liquid treat for those in attendance.

Updates are in the works for several projects and will be posted soon including, our Big Boy, PFE reefers, 50-ton AAR flat cars and Bucyrus-Erie crane project so stay tuned.

1/19/19 - Just a brief further comment regarding the update immediately below; my intention is not to blame the customers caught in unfortunate situations created by the poor selling practices employed by some sellers, it's only natural to seek help where you can most likely receive it. The hope is that the responsible person will bear the resulting cost going forward.

On a lighter note, I am offering another discount period for purchases from my Library page until 2/20/19, take 25% off any book or books selected for purchase.

1/16/19 - Beginning a new year seems like a good time to raise the warning flag regarding some model resellers that are doing a real disservice to the hobby in delivering damaged models to their buyers. I raise this issue again having had four instances in the last several weeks where a buyer has purchased a Kohs & Company model from a secondary market reseller who ultimately delivered a damaged model. Three damaged models came from the same 'professional' reseller so it seems these situations were no accident. The buyers naturally contact me asking for help in making the model that they paid good money for, typically more than the original selling price, whole and operational. If the sellers are not held responsible this practice will most likely continue at which point it will be time to start naming names publicly. I do maintain an inventory of parts for all of the models that I have produced. The intent of this inventory has been to have replacement parts available for models that owners have been using and require routine maintenance, not for rebuilding models that have been misused or shuffled through numerous hands on the resale market. If you are interested in purchasing a model from a past production and I do not have that model available from an existing owner, feel free to contact me for some guidance on who to deal with so you can avoid the problems I have been seeing.

Another issue that has come to light is the practice that one big name reseller seems to use in representing Kohs & Company models for resale, incorrect or made up production data regarding the rarity of a particular model or version seemingly attempting to make it more desirable. The only production data that I have made publicly available is that associated with model versions that are deemed limited production versions from the outset of a project. The total production for any of my projects is never a secret, but the number produced of various common versions typically has never been shared. In addition, there are a number of special variations of only one, two or three models that have been built which have never been publicly documented, all of this data will be made available at some point in the future. Again, if you have questions about a particular model you are interested in, contact me before buying.

1/01/19 - Happy New Year to all!! With you, I am looking forward to an exciting year of new developments and projects that promise to be our best efforts to date and that will be a serious accomplishment. My network of designers and builders have been gearing up to launch the new projects that have been mentioned on this website and although the brass modeling environment has never been more challenging we are all up to setting new standards and delivering the best models ever. Be sure to stick with us in the months ahead to see what develops!

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