Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 Project Service Log

As of July 3, 2001 we are closing out this page to further updates, there have been no new reports to enter in recent months and we are thrilled with the results of this project in terms of quality and reliability. Items not listed for obvious reasons are things like light bulbs that required replacement from use and minor paint 'rubs' from shipping that were easily touched up with the appropriate paint. Despite the complexity of this project it has been virtually trouble free.

Reported Situation

Situation Status

One windshield glass knocked loose in shipping
Model returned for reinstallation of glass
Two marker light bulbs failed
Customer has chosen to replace himself with replacement bulbs to be provided
Sticking button on control box which prevented proper operation of all the control functions
Owner advised to apply a couple drops of light lubricant to prevent sticking
Damage to two areas of the graphics
Returned for repair
Faulty control box
Replacement box supplied