Secondary Market Pricing Information

The prices listed below represent the highest prices paid, that I am aware of, for various models from our past projects. The prices were achieved on the secondary market, through arranged resales and often times on public auction sites such as eBay, the prices were directly reported by sellers and/or buyers so they are confirmed.

The listing is meant to provide a guideline for what can potentially be expected in selling or buying a Kohs & Company model on the secondary market. Understand that ultimately the price will depend on the model version, the condition and the inclusion of all accessories and paperwork as well as having the patience to locate the appropriate buyer or seller. While rushed or distress sales can be good for buyers they seldom achieve the optimal results for sellers, the same can be said for using poor sales strategies on auction sites.

It should be known that there are unique model variations in each of our projects that have not been publicly documented, these models typically realize greater resale prices. I will be providing a comprehensive listing for all of our projects in the future that will highlight the unique models that have been produced. If you know that you own a unique model be sure to make note of that in your records for future reference.

I would suggest that owners of our models print out this page periodically so they have a record of what their Kohs & Company models are potentially worth. All too often, families are left to the discretion of others to evaluate the collections of owners that are unable to do it for themselves. If in doubt, never hesitate to contact me for assistance in placing a current value on one of our previously sold models.

The percentage figure shown below is the average appreciation of all documented sales that I am aware of. The figure will be continually updated as data allows. Above all else, this figure is a gauge for the type of job my team has been doing in developing, selling and servicing the models we have produced.

Average Tracked Appreciation Project Wide: 54% Above the Original Price

Original Price
Market Price
NYC J3a Hudson
In-Service Boxpok
Tuscan Red 5-stripe Gold Leaf
NYC J3a 'Late' Hudson
Standard-Late Boxpok
N&W Y6b
N&W Y6a
Union Pacific 'Type'
C&O H-8 Allegheny
Union Pacific Challenger 5 $5,500USD $8,750USD

Original Price
Market Price
PRR GLe Cement Car
all versions
N&W Auxiliary Tender
Optional Extra w/ Y6b
PRR N5c Cabin Car
N&W Caboose
all versions
* Indicates that some model versions are still available from inventory.

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