Sound & DCC Operation

All Kohs & Company locomotive models built prior to the Union Pacific Challenger project incorporated a custom Dallee Electronics sound system. The sound instructions for these models are included in the operating instructions available for download on individual project download pages or on the Technical Instructions page. More extensive DCC instructions for models equipped with DCC/Sound and other related DCC equipment can be accessed below:

Project Specific Reference

Zimo - MX695 DCC Decoder Instructions (used in Union Pacific Challenger locomotive)-(PDF, 4.4M)

Zimo - MX685 DCC Decoder Instructions (used in Union Pacific Challenger tender)-(PDF, 1.1M)

General Technical Reference

DCC Technical Information & Tips  5/19/18

NCE - Power Pro System Reference Manual V3-01-07 (PDF, 3.7M)

Zimo - Listing of all available CV settings (PDF, 769K)

Zimo - MX32/MX10 Firmware Update (01.24.0001 'ZIP' File)  8/16/2018

Zimo - MX32 Cab Instructions (PDF, 9.5M) new version as of  10/23/17

Zimo - MX10 Command Station Instructions (PDF, 5.4M) new version as of  8/05/18

Zimo - MXULF Operating/Programming Tool Instructions (PDF, 800K) new version as of  3/20/16

Zimo Newsletter (PDF, 1.4M) new version as of  5/02/18